Is gap year worth really?

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Is gap year worth really?

So, if you ask me, ‘Why gap year is important?’ or ‘Is gap year worth really?’ – Gap year will help you to invest more time on yourself, families and mentors. It’ll help you to become self dependent. It’ll help you to become even happier and it’s only possible when you’ve a proper action plan for your upcoming days 😉 Thanks God. It seems like a bit showoff or awkward maybe but just to give you an example, It’s been just a month of my gap year and already I’ve…

1. Watched 5 Documentary films

2. done with 4 Successful meetings

3. Managed 3 sponsors for my projects and another one is on going

4. Watched 4 full length movies

5. Traveled to 3 new places

6. Came up with a new idea and made a prototype that is working!

7. Read 1 new book and going on and on and on…

This just happened to to me in just 30 days! I’m 200% sure that, it would not be possible if I got into any university. I’m just super excited for next 335 days 😀 Oh yeah, I’m preparing myself for SAT along with these. Cheers!

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