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Yusuf Munna is a Bangladeshi young social entrepreneur, and the founder of Reflective Teens, an internationally recognized nonprofit teen-based creative platform, aims to expose, incite and incubate the creativity of teenagers and prepare them for the future through proper utilization of their creative abilities. Over the last 8 years, Reflective Teens engaged 61,000 teenagers from different part of Bangladesh.


Brought up in Chittagong, Yusuf did his schooling from Chittagong Collegiate School and is currently pursuing bachelor at Khulna University.

Yusuf has been passionate about writing since an early age, but was rejected and even ignored by editors and publications because of his age. He is currently working to empower teenagers through his Reflective Teens initiative, where he lets them indulge their creative side and fully express themselves.

At present, alongside Reflective Teens, he has also initiated a virtual movement, #countECA, to include the evaluation of extracurricular activities alongside the academic records during university admission procedures in Bangladesh.


Yusuf was appeared as a TEDx speaker in 2015. He was included as an Ashoka Youth Venture, a global network recognizing influential social entrepreneurs in 2017. In the same year, he was invited as a speaker for the Glocal International Teen Conference in Nepal. Yusuf represented Bangladesh in the Global Partnership Summit, 2017 in India, and the Ashoka Changemaker Exchange, 2018 in the Philippines as the very first Bangladeshi youth.

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