About Yusuf Munna


Yusuf Munna is the esteemed founder of Reflective Teens, a transformative platform that originated from his passion as an ordinary 8th-grade student. Evolving into the country’s largest teen-based creative platform, Reflective Teens is dedicated to preparing teenagers for the future, with a particular emphasis on Education and Culture.

Over the past decade, Yusuf has played a pivotal role in spearheading innovative programs through Reflective Teens, forging partnerships with the Government of Bangladesh, national and international nonprofits, and corporate entities. His dedication has successfully engaged over 650,000 young adults from Bangladesh and eight other countries in South and South-East Asia. This noteworthy work has garnered well-deserved recognition, including the Joy Bangla Youth Award 2021 and the prestigious Diana Award 2021. Additionally, Reflective Teens has been distinguished by RIVET as one of the 20 innovative social enterprises.

Beyond his work with Reflective Teens, Yusuf Munna is a versatile individual with a sincere interest in public policy and development economics. He graciously shares his insights through op-ed columns in the Dhaka Tribune, addressing critical issues in these domains. Moreover, he extends his influence through the “Yusuf Asks” podcast, where he invites thought leaders to discuss pressing contemporary issues.

In addition to his professional endeavors, Yusuf actively contributes to environmental sustainability by coordinating GenFuse, a consortium of four youth-led organizations. Through this initiative, he mobilizes resources and raises awareness to make a meaningful impact on building a sustainable world.

Yusuf Munna’s journey is characterized by a steadfast commitment to positive change, utilizing education, culture, and various platforms to create a lasting impact on society.


Brought up in Chittagong, Yusuf did his schooling at Chittagong Collegiate School and pursued a bachelor’s degree at Khulna University.

Yusuf has been passionate about writing since an early age but was rejected and even ignored by editors and publications because of his age. He is currently working to empower teenagers through his Reflective Teens initiative, where he lets them indulge their creative side and fully express themselves.


Yusuf appeared as a TEDx speaker in 2015. He was included as an Ashoka Youth Venture, a global network recognizing influential social entrepreneurs in 2017. In the same year, he was invited as a speaker for the Glocal International Teen Conference in Nepal. Yusuf represented Bangladesh in the Global Partnership Summit, 2017 in India, and the Ashoka Changemaker Exchange, 2018 in the Philippines as the very first Bangladeshi youth.

Yusuf Munna sharing stage with professor Yunus
Yusuf Munna sharing the stage with Professor Yunus
Yusuf Munna interacting with the Honorable President of India
In a conversation with Mr. Gowher Rizvee, advisor to the HPM of Bangladesh
Yusuf Munna speaking at the Glocal Teen Hero Nepal
Yusuf Munna receiving Student of the Year Award from Proff. Dr. Mahmood Hossain, Honorable Vice Chancellor of Khulna University.
Yusuf Munna with Mr. Anne van Leeuwen, the Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands to Bangladesh
Yusuf Munna with Ghanshyam Bhandari, Ambassador of Nepal to the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh

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