Hey! Yusuf is here, a 18 y/o Bangladeshi entrepreneur, writer and innovator. But, before everything I would love to define myself as a changemaker. And because of this changemaking mindset sometimes I need start a new initiative, or need to write on a specific topics or maybe to invent a new device. Behind my each and every step, there is a valid reason or cause. reflectiveTEENS, YM for better life and YM innovation lab – those are my initiatives. I support the random quote, “Age is nothing but just a number.” You just need to believe that, you can do whatever you think. A quote by Mahatma Gandhi – “Be the CHANGE you wish to see in the WORLD” really inspire me a lot and fuel my journey to move ahead.


  • Nationaly 3rd at Rocket model making competition – 2014
  • Speaker at Glocal International Teen Conference, Kathmandu, Nepal – 2017
  • Enlisted at Ashoka Youth Venturer Under 20 – 2017
  • Delegate at Global Partnership Summit 2017, New Delhi, India – 2017


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