Yusuf Munna sharing stage with professor Yunus

Yusuf Munna

A Bangladeshi Social Entrepreneur and Writer, working on developing an alternative education system for the last decade. 

My Story...

Yusuf Munna is the founder of Reflective Teens, a transformative platform that originated from his passion as an ordinary 8th-grade student. Evolving into the country’s largest teen-based creative platform, Reflective Teens is dedicated to preparing teenagers for the future, with a particular emphasis on Education and Culture. Over the past decade, Yusuf has played a pivotal role in spearheading innovative programs through Reflective Teens, forging partnerships with the Government of Bangladesh, national and international nonprofits, and corporate entities. 

His dedication has successfully engaged over 650,000 young adults from Bangladesh and eight other countries in South and South-East Asia. This noteworthy work has garnered well-deserved recognition, including the Joy Bangla Youth Award 2021 and the prestigious Diana Award 2021. Additionally, Reflective Teens has been distinguished by RIVET as one of the 20 innovative social enterprises.

Beyond his work with Reflective Teens, Yusuf Munna is a versatile individual with a sincere interest in public policy and development economics. He graciously shares his insights through op-ed columns in the Dhaka Tribune, addressing critical issues in these domains. Moreover, he extends his influence through the “Yusuf Asks” podcast, where he invites thought leaders to discuss pressing contemporary issues. 

In addition to his professional endeavors, Yusuf actively contributes to environmental sustainability by coordinating GenFuse, a consortium of four youth-led organizations. Through this initiative, he mobilizes resources and raises awareness to make a meaningful impact on building a sustainable world. 

Currently working on...

RT Academy at Rangamati

Yusuf is building an state-of-the-art alternative learning learning facility in South Eastern Hill tracts of Bangladesh.

New Non-Fiction Book

In his upcoming book, Yusuf delves into the profound influence of observation, tranquility, and internal calm. His intention is to exchange the relentless pursuit of success for a more fluid and mindful approach, replacing perpetual productivity with moments of awe, and prioritizing a life abundant in meaningful experiences over the allure of impressive resumes.


Things I Have to Tell You, Youtube

In this distinctive digital series featured on his YouTube channel, Yusuf imparts heartwarming and easily digestible human wisdom. Each video revolves around a lesson he has acquired from either others or through his own personal experiences.

ইকিগাই - জাপানীদের সুখি জীবনের রহস্য

অর্থপূর্ণ জীবন কীভাবে সুখের সন্ধান দিতে পারে, সেটি নিয়ে ইকিগাই; জাপানিদের দীর্ঘ ও সুখী জীবনের রহস্য বইটি লেখা হয়েছে। লেখক হেক্টর গারসিয়া ও ফ্রান্সেস মিরালেস ইকিগাই সম্পর্কে জানার পর এর রহস্য উদ্‌ঘাটনে উদ্‌গ্রীব হয়ে ওঠেন। এ জন্য তারা দুজন পাড়ি জমান জাপানের দক্ষিণে অবস্থিত ওকিনাওয়া দ্বীপে। এই দ্বীপেই পৃথিবীর সবচেয়ে বেশি শতায়ুধারীর বসবাস। ওকিনাওয়ার বাসিন্দাদের বিশ্বাস ইকিগাই তাদের জীবনের বেঁচে থাকার কারণ। লেখকের মতো আমার কাছেও ইকিগাই একটা রহস্যাবৃত শব্দ। ওকিনাওয়া দ্বীপ, সেখানকার মানুষ ও তাদের জীবনযাত্রা সম্পর্কে জানার পর আমার কৌতূহল তো কমেনি, বরং আরও বেড়েছে। প্রত্যেকের জীবনে একটা উদ্দেশ্য রয়েছে। সে উদ্দেশ্য অপূর্ণ থাকার মানে জীবনটাই যেন অর্থহীন হয়ে যাওয়া। ইকিগাই আমাদের জীবনের সেই উদ্দেশ্য, যা একটি জীবনকে পূর্ণতা দিতে পারে।


Founder, Reflective Teens Trust


Ikigai (Translation)
Make Your Bed (Translation)


Dhaka Tribune
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Host, Yusuf Asks Podcast