This is how I came up with the idea of Reflective Teens​ 

During my 7th grade in high school, in a random day, I entered in my class and found my best friend – honestly, the best painter I’ve ever seen in such a young age – so annoyed. When I asked about the reason, he replied that his parents putting pressure on him to invest less of his leisure time in painting. He would rather read academic books by that leisure time so that he could ensure few more marks in exam. That really hurt him as he is so much passionate about painting. As my best friend was so disappointed, that made me feels about that problem. After lots of discussions with teachers, few parents and my personal mentors I ended up at, “It’s all about proving yourself. And to prove someone’s capability, s/he must have to get an opportunity to express or expose themselves which is missing. As teenage community is always underestimated or people don’t like to rely them, those talented teenagers are lacking behind. Me, few of my friends and with the help of my class teacher we designed an initiative named ‘Reflective Teens’

Now, Reflective Teens is an internationally recognized teen based creative platform to expose, incite, and incubate their passion & hobby for developing their personality. Besides, Reflective Teens works to create awareness among teenagers about their minds, health, and rights.

It’s been like five years we’ve been working. We have reached 30K teenagers from 20+ high schools and represented our activities at 4 different countries.